Meet the team


A friend once told me that she chooses to work with people who will think about her in the shower.

While that might sound a little suspect, she simply meant that she wanted whoever she engages on her projects to care about her problem as much as she does: to consider it, explore it and ponder it, and - piece by piece - craft a solution. 

This is the philosophy I take with our clients. We only take on a handful at any given time. There's no churn and burn here. Simply consideration, the luxury of time to breathe and let that unique solution to our clients' problem come together... with a little (or a lot of) thinking about it while in the shower along the way.


Meet the team



Emily Osmond: Founder

After a Master of Communication, roles in journalism, copywriting and PR, and managing the digital marketing for a tourism body, Emily launched Good Media in 2015 to help business owners succeed through modern marketing.

Her 'extra curricular activities' include blogging at and video presenting and event hosting for Metricon



Sofie: Branding & Design

Sofie brings almost 10 years of experience working across brand strategy and design for clients ranging from property developers to cafes. We love Sofie for her ability to think differently for our clients' designs and her great sense of humour!


Justine: Content & Social

Justine has a natural (and now very well practiced) knack of turning brands into social beings. She's a social media practitioner who is ahead of the curve and we love her infectious positive attitude.


Hani: Brand Voice & Copy

Hani lives and breathes clever use of words. When she's not crafting tone of voice and personalities for our clients, she's keeping busy at her business, Words Count. We adore Hani's bubbly personality and drive to help our clients.



Believe in:

The power of doing things differently. Of saying 'no' to the norm and being brave enough to take a risk. Of not being everything to everyone, but being spot on to the right people.

Driven by:

The opportunity to connect people. Helping to connect the people who will love what our clients have to offer; and connecting businesses to each other, which is where some pretty incredible magic happens.


Build long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual respect, a true appreciation for what they do, and open and honest communication so we can share the best of us to help them create the best of them.


We'd love to hear your story.