Interview with Kate Fenning, Instagram queen and founder of Yorkelee Prints

Kate Fenning – the founder of Yorkelee Prints, a.k.a the store dominating the print space here in Australia - has 57k followers on Instagram alone. The entrepreneur has kindly shared her tops tips for growing and nurturing your Instagram audience, including advice for collaborations, time management and the all important hashtags!

1. How I grew my Instagram followers.

- Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. It’s so important to understand that Instagram is a community, get to know the little communities relevant to your industry and network. If you sell kids furniture for example get to know the kids interior stylists, get to know other stores online like kids clothes, kids interior decor, kids interior bloggers, anyone relevant to your product and contact them. Come up with a promotional idea that is relevant to both your companies and suggest to cross promote. 

- Get noticed. Link your Facebook, website, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat all your social media and online presence together so that followers can connect with you on all platforms. You can link specifically Facebook and Instagram and push out an Instagram post to Facebook. Followers see that you’re on the other platform and follow you on both. Pinterest is also a really good marketing tool for businesses, pin pin pin! 

- Work out your budget for marketing and online advertising and use it. Put at least 10% of your profit back into promoting your business. Advertise on relevant websites, blogs and test out Facebook advertising. It is a great way to advertise directly to your target market and you can filter down to get your exact relevant audience to give them a reason to go to your website. 

2. My time management tips for using IG

- Take a bunch of images of different products in different settings at the one time and use them throughout the week.

- Make sure you understand how to edit your images using Instagram editing tools. It can make a huge difference to getting noticed and your images liked. Work out what your audience ‘likes’ you can gauge what followers prefer by testing out different styles of images and stick with the style that you get the most likes for. Followers typically like beautiful, light, aesthetically pleasing photos over dark, crowded pics.

- Figure out the best time of day to post and don’t waste time posting all the time. There are better times to post on IG for different audiences depending on where you are located and what your product is, work out when your audience are most active on IG and social media and post at those times everyday or at least every two days.

- Follow influential Instagram accounts and keep up to date on what they are doing but schedule some time specifically for scrolling through IG and commenting on others pics, don’t try and do it all the time, you’ll become distracted and inefficient. 

3. My big wins that I've achieved directly through Instagram

Big wins on IG, we have had the opportunity to be in Real Living magazine, Home Beautiful, Design Sponge and many other awesome interior related blogs and articles through Instagram. We have also been contacted by some of the best interior designers in Australia who found us on Instagram, so for me this platform has been a life changer! 

4. My tips for taking great pics.

- Followers like to follow a story, something interesting, even a glimpse into the everyday life of stores and brands, make it interesting and different!

- Find your style of photos and stick with it. If you like minimalistic things, go with minimalistic pics, if you like eclectic style then try and convey this in your images

- Take a million pics until you find the right one, try lots of different angles and be fussy, if you don’t like a pic, don’t post it.

- Use the IG editing tools and filters, it can make a huge difference to how your photos look online, I don’t personally use the set filters but I always always edit the pics to add more light or change the saturation etc.

5. Hashtags - what works well

- Find out what your target audience are looking at and for and hashtag the heck out of it!

- Don’t use to many, so don’t use 20-40 hashtags, just make them relevant and use 5-10. 

- Use the hashtags that describe your style and the style your followers love. So I hashtag #Scandinavianstyle or #Scandinavianinteriors not because my prints are made in Scandinavia but because that is a big part of Yorkelee's style and a lot of our followers love Scandi style and look at those specific hashtags.

6. How I know what our followers want to see

- Trial and error

- I remember back when we use to get 6 likes or not even. I’m always open to improving, changing, being responsive to the market and to our followers, this is key in staying relevant.

- The more images you post the better sense you get from followers what style of images they like and what you’re doing right and wrong. Listen to them and adjust your strategy based on the response you get. Watch other accounts that do it really well and learn from them. never think you know it all and always be open to change! 

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