Three sure-fire ways to ramp up your PR

1. Start a blog and post regularly

A blog is a perfect way to provide value to your audience whilst positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. It’s also a great way to put your ideas and thoughts to paper. But worse than not starting a blog is starting one and letting it fizzle out after your first few posts. Commit to 30 minutes a week/fortnight or month and write about whatever topic your clients have been asking you about lately, developments in your industry or interesting anecdotes from your work. And importantly, once you’ve written the blog, SHARE IT. Publish links to your article on your social media profiles and in an email newsletter. Unlike a few years ago, few people are going to visit your website regularly to read your blog, so send the links to where they are ‘hanging out’ online and make it easy for them to click through to your site to read 'the good stuff'.

2. Leverage the news like a pro

Just about every business is trying to get coverage in the media. But where many go wrong is by thinking the general public is interested in their business. What they don’t realise is they need an ‘angle’, a ‘selling point’, a ‘hook’ which turns a bland pitch about their business into a newsworthy story. There are two main ways to do this. First, leverage stories that are already in the news. Perhaps there is new government funding, a cut to funding, a new technological development, a controversial new study… whatever it is, pick a side and make your case. The second way is it create your own 'news'. Survey your audience and use the results to create a thought-provoking case. Next, ensure you pitch your story to the relevant journalist at the given paper/magazine/TV/radio station and make their job easy by writing your story succinctly into a media release. There's nothing worse than coming across 'spammy'. Also, keep abreast of developments in your industry by signing up to newsletters, and setting up Google Alerts. This free service sends notifications to your email when your chosen key words are mentioned online - a time-saver for keeping up-to-date with the most relevant developments in your industry. Keep track of mentions of your own business online too!

3. Network and guest post/talk/host

Many of us don't do enough networking in person now that social media and the interest are so inherent in our lives! So get yourself along to industry gatherings and make it your mission to find out about as many other companies as you can: their wins; their struggles; and how your offering might be able to help them and/or their clients. But listen, don't be an annoying salesperson. If you genuinely think you can help their business, follow up after the event. Another way to get your name out there is to offer to become a speaker at industry events. You’ll position yourself as an expert whilst reaching a large, targeted audience (plus you’ll boost your credibility too). Finally, offer to guest post on industry blogs and offer your ‘best work’ rather than feeling like you’re going to give too much away. People will respond to your honest, relevant and quality advice and seek out more information from you. 

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