Canva updates 'Presentation' layout

NEWS: Canva has just released three updates to its 'Presentation' layout:

1. Using the button in the bottom right-hand corner, you can go straight from the design mode in your presentation to enter full-screen presentation mode. Goodbye Powerpoint!

2. You can embed YouTube videos, so no more switching between windows to show multimedia when giving a presentation - simply play it within your Canva presentations.

3. They've also added a range of new Presentation layouts. SO many to choose from!

If you haven't played around with Canva yet, I highly recommend it for creating your own collateral and 'word' posts for social media. It doesn't replace the need for a well thought-out brand strategy or a graphic designer for the important things like logo design, but it's very handy all the same.

Just remember, if you want to use Canva's stock images and get rid of the watermark, you pay $1 per image. Otherwise, upload your own and it's all free!



Emily OsmondComment