A case against 'over marketing'

How much time are you spending on your marketing? And how much are you spending on business development?

Both are SO important for our businesses and I worry that some people get consumed 'doing marketing', that they sacrifice time that'd be better spent to develop their business, generate leads and make those much needed sales.

Marketing is just one aspect of creating a sustainable business and posting to social media is just one aspect of marketing. Posting multiple times a day on social media without a strong strategy behind it is unlikely to grow your business. 

I know, I know - I'm a marketing woman with a love for social media so it may sound a little crazy me saying this. But I'm all about building a sustainable business that's going to hang around for far longer than an extra Instagram story.

To give you an example, a few of the businesses I follow on social media are posting at least once a day, sometimes multiple. But there is no call to action with the posts and over time, I’ve tuned out and just keep scrolling past them. I know there will be more posts tomorrow with similar content that is fairly generic, so why would I stop?

In comparison, some of my favourite businesses post to social media when they have something valuable to share. It might be their reflections on something topical, it might be digging into a blog post they’ve written, or an interview they’ve conducted. These are the posts that I stop on when I see them come up in my newsfeed. These are the posts I read and - more often than not - click through to keep reading more on their website. These are the businesses I go to for information, to refer my clients to, and I tell my colleagues about. 

And you know what? The time that they’re not spending on those extra few relatively meaningless social media posts each day, they’re putting towards building their business. This is the time being spent that we don’t see on social media but that is so vitally important. 

Choose your time wisely and #postwithpurpose.