Can your marketing guilt people into buying?

Have you ever come across the concept of guilting people into buying things? And no, it's not as sinister as it might first sound...

It happened to me last week. We were going around the room at the start of my Content Marketing workshop finding out why each of the attendees were there, and one of them said this:

"Because I get so much out of your content Emily, that I wanted to give back to your business".

Have you ever heard of American marketing legend Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee)?

He is a New York Times bestselling author and millionaire entrepreneur and he believes he "guilts people" into buying his books, sneakers range or whatever it is he's selling.

A funny thing happens when you give value up front. You guilt people into buying stuff.
— Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary thinks that people want to give back and thank him because he gives them so much FREE value through his podcast show, Youtube channel, emails, and so on, that they buy his 'stuff'... and then buy more for their friends and peers...

It was in my workshop that I realised on a mini scale, the same had happened for me!

And no, it might not be "guilt" that makes people put money of the table for my paid offerings, but it's my content that helps get them there.

What was very cool was I didn't need to run any ads to fill my workshop - I just sent a couple of emails to my list and posted a handful of times to my social media.

And those who attended all filled my 'ideal client personas'  - i.e. they were exactly the type of people I wanted to attract. 

This was no fluke: it was achieved through targeted content marketing.

SO, my question is this:

How can we GIVE a little more value in our marketing this week, and every week on-going?

Don't overestimate what you can achieve in the space of one week or month - it's consistency and playing the long game with your content that is going to pay off for you.

I hope you start feeling that shift towards your ideal audience connecting with you and wanting to be part of what you're creating.

It's pretty magic!


Emily OsmondComment