Clear out your online marketing in 5 minutes

First of all, this post is for you if you're getting that anxious feeling about your Facebook page you haven't posted on for a week. Or that blog you haven't touched since September last year. Or you regularly find yourself spending minutes or hours trying to find something, anything to post on your social media platforms.

This is NOT a good place to be! And I know you know that too.

But what is good, is that by the end the exercise below, you'll have LESS on your marketing plate and they will be the things that you enjoy AND that are WORTH you putting the time into.

So let's dive in.

I want you to spend 60 seconds listing all the different forms of marketing that you are doing right now for your business.

Here's a by no means exhaustive checklist that may help:

  • LinkedIn updates
  • Tweets
  • Facebook page posts
  • Facebook group posts (in your own group)
  • Facebook group engagement (in other groups)
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram posts
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Snapchats
  • Periscopes

Next, I'd like you to cross out the things on your list that you really don't like doing; the things you're only doing because you feel as though you 'should'. 

Finally, I'd like you to cross out the things that you spend a LOT of time doing but you kind of know that your ideal clients don't hang out on that platform. In other words, time suckers for little result. 

What you should be left with is either:

1. A very small list of the key marketing platforms/tactics that you need to focus your time on.


2. No platforms or tactics. Oh dear! You'd better get really clear about your target audience so you can find out WHERE they are hanging out online AND find the platforms that suit your style so you can actually enjoy using them.

Does this help? Have you realised that you've been scattering your marketing rather than getting really clear about what you actually enjoy and works for you? Can you now focus your efforts on using a small number of platforms really well? Let me know below! 

Emily OsmondComment