Five tips to securing PR coverage - from a seasoned blogger

Having run my interiors blog getinmyhome for five years now, I've had a fair insight into the working of tens, if not hundreds, of PR agencies.

I sort through emails every day with pitches and pick out the stories I want to cover.

So how to I make the choice from all those pitches? Let me share that with you!

1. Personalise your email

If I receive an email that is clearly a bulk send or even worse, if I have been added to a company's newsletter without me signing up, I delete and/or unsubscribe and report as spam. Which leads me to...

2. Research who you are contacting

 I can't tell you how many times I get invited to events that are interstate and overseas! I get that maybe those inviting me to interstate events may think I can get there or have people on the ground who can attend, but I KNOW that those inviting me to overseas events have simply been lazy and not looked up my location.

3. Give value

There are a few pitches from PR agencies I'll almost always turn into blog posts. They are when the PR agency actually understands the type of content I post. They send me original content, like '5 tips to...' or '3 ways to' and bam! This is content that with a couple of tweaks can go straight onto my blog! As I tell my clients, the media aren't interested in a company update from you - they wants to know new about new industry trends or findings, 'firsts of' or tips. Research the type of content your target media publish, then write yours to suit.

4. Photography

I will not publish a post without professional, quality, styled imagery. Invest in photography and you're half way there.

5. Be human and don't sell!

If a PR rep is easy to work with, has taken the time to understand my work, and is all about giving value (rather than expecting coverage), they are going to get a lot more out of me!

So those are my top five tips to securing PR from my experience as someone on the receiving end!

What have you found works really well for you? Let us know in the comments below!