I don't want you to feel like you 'should' be doing this marketing

I'm talking about 'should' marketing.

And the fact that I don't want you to ever feel that you should be doing some sort of marketing.

Live videos...

Giveaways or discounts...

'DM' for more info...

We see so many of these happening online. It's easy to think that we should be doing these too.

But you know what happens when we start following what we see? We can start feeling 'icky' about our marketing, and we start blending into the noise, rather than standing out.

Hate the idea of videos?

Find it super hard to write a blog post?

Think special promos don't fit with your brand?

This is your permission to stop feeling like you should be doing these things.

Let's turn inwards for a bit and focus on what marketing feels right to us, our audience and our brand.

It's the best - indeed the only - way to create that true connection with our audience and longevity for our brand.

The marketing that's going to work, is the marketing that's true to you.

You've got this!

Emily OsmondComment