Instagram Highlight Reels: What, Why, How?

There are so many exciting updates being released in the social media world at the moment!

The one I am most excited about for me and my clients however is the release of highlight reels on Instagram.

You can now create a highlights reel of your favourite Stories - and they won't disappear after 24 hours... they won't disappear until you choose to remove them!

AND you can categorise them into folders, which gives lots of opportunities for brands to better present their most engaging content.

For example, see our Good Media Instagram below, where I've created albums around daily happenings, Instagram updates and our studio:

social media melbourne.jpg

You might use your highlight reels for:

- Promoting campaigns or competitions that run over several days, weeks or months
- Giving an overview and introduction about your brand to new followers
- Showcasing a video or images you have invested more in to create (like a TV/online video ad or professional photo shoot)
- Featuring regular staff profiles, blog posts, products of the week..

PLUS, Instagram has launched 'Archives' for Stories. It will automatically save your posted Stories in an archive folder, where you can privately view, publicly share, or re-download them later, saving us on both phone storage AND the annoyance we used to have 'losing' content posted to Stories.

In other news, Instagram is testing 'Direct', a standalone messaging app, similar to how Facebook separated 'Messenger' and The Iconic has launched a visual search tool that allows customers to search for clothing, sportswear and accessories simply by uploading a photo or taking a snap in its app. We are looking at the future of retail!

Any questions or comments? Add a comment or send me an email to - I'd love to hear from you!