Is email marketing 'dead'?

I love to bust myths from the marketing industry!

Today, that myth is that "email is dead". I believe it's a lie and misbelief that needs to be stomped to the ground!

The idea that 'no one checks their emails anymore'.

Or that 'email is old school'.

Or that email is 'inferior to social media'.

Yes email has been around for longer than most of the main social media channels, but it is SO not 'dead'.

In fact, 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email (versus direct mail, text, phone, or social media). 

And what might be even more surprising is that 73% of millennials say email is their preferred means of business communication.

That's huge! That's not Snapchat, not bots, not Facebook, not even my beloved Instagram... 😋


But let me stress something pivotal here: email marketing is not about sending a 'newsletter'.

Please don't jam and cram all those updates from your business into an email a few times a year, like most companies do.

Why not? 

As I worked through with the wonderful attendees at my Content Marketing workshop on Monday, our email marketing strategy should focus on two things:

1. Providing value to our subscribers
2. Providing value to our business.

We do this by sending relevant, helpful, timely content to our audience and NOT by ticking off that 'send an email' box on our marketing checklist each month or quarter and filling it with our business news.

Be strategic, refine, and focus on giving value, and emailing marketing CAN work powerfully for your business.


Emily OsmondComment