Let's talk about engagement!

If you're looking at working with Instagram 'influencers' or are making a decision based on someone's/a business's follower numbers, there are a few things to be aware of.

Do not base your decision on follower NUMBERS.

You must look at ENGAGEMENT.

I've seen a business go from a few thousand to tens of thousands followers overnight, then use their follower numbers as a selling point for other businesses to advertise with them.

But this sudden increase in numbers was FAKE!

Chances are they bought these followers, which means they aren't 'real' people with 'real' accounts at all.

A way to check a person's/business's engagement is with this formula:

The engagement number (i.e. average likes + comments of their posts) divided by follower numbers.

For example, mine is 120/4200 = 2.9%.

As for this particular business who is using their follower numbers as a selling point to advertisers... their engagement rate is 0.2%.

That means they are getting ONE engagement from every 500 followers. YIKES!!!!!!

So what should you be aiming for with your own engagement rate?

A study by eMarketer found that the average engagement rate on Instagram is 2.3% per follower (which, by the way, is FAR LESS than 0.2% on Facebook and 0.03% on Twitter).

So check those engagement rates as a benchmark for your own account and before making your partnership decisions!!

Emily OsmondComment