Let's talk about the best practice for social media

Back when I was really getting into social media strategy, Facebook and Instagram were totally different beasts.

I was managing the Facebook account and starting the Instagram account for Ballarat Regional Tourism.

I could post on Facebook and we'd get 1,000s of likes and 100s of comments without needing to 'boost' the post. Organic engagement was fantastic!

Then almost overnight, Facebook changed its algorithms and our organic engagement plummeted.

Fast forward a year or so to when Facebook bought Instagram and the same thing happened.

In the past, it was best to post on Instagram several times a day to reach people at the time they were using Instagram. Now it's best to channel your energy into creating qualityengaging posts that are authentic and actually share something meaningful and/or valuable, even if it means you're only posting a handful of times a week.

The way I use Facebook and Instagram have changed significantly over the past couple of years, and continue to do so.

To help you stay strategic here's a quick guide to where to put your efforts when it comes to your Facebook and Instagram marketing.

What to avoid

1. Posting too often

Yes you read that right! If you’re posting every day because you feel like you have to, or because you think it’s going to help get you more engagement, I’m afraid you need to rethink. Facebook and Instagram take into account the engagement of previous posts for the ranking of future ones. 

Focus on one GREAT post rather than several ‘for the sake of it’ posts that don’t have a strategy behind them. 

2. Pushing your posts from Instagram to Facebook

Facebook will read the #’s and the @‘s that are in your Instagram post and recognise that your post originated or existed on other social networks first. And because Facebook doesn't like content being shared on its platforms from other platforms, it'll penalise the views your post gets. 

Use each platform individually.

3. The same people seeing your posts

When one of your followers comments, likes, tags, or shares your content, your posts are likely to show up in their feed again in the future. If one of your fans doesn’t interact with your posts, the less likely they are to see your future posts. Hence why you can find only a small handful of the same people interacting with you. 

Revisit point 1 and 2 and focus on quality content and consider running ads to reach new people.

4. Compel, don’t ask

Don’t explicitly ask for ‘likes’, ‘comments’ or ‘shares’. Facebook sees these words as being spammy. Instead, focus on the quality of the content so that people will actually want to take these actions, and phrase your ‘asks’ like “I’d love to know if…”, “Has anyone else…”, “Please tell me I’m not the only one who…”

5. Set and forget

Have you got into the habit of sharing the same types of content on your social media? Or are you measuring and tweaking your activity to post more of what your audience love and more of what is getting you return for your business?

Regularly review your analytics to find your most popular posts and focus on creating more of them.

What to focus on

1. The why

Does every post you make tie back to one of your business goals? Does it add value and is it meaningful? If not, why are you posting? It's so important to be strategic with why you are posting. If you're scrambling for things to post because you heard you "need to post every day", then I doubt your marketing is kicking those business goals.

2. Less is more

It's ok to have quieter times on social media. You don't need to be slaving away posting every day or multiple times a day. In fact, I'd recommend you don't and instead focus your time on serving your clients and getting clear about what marketing activity your business needs at any given time. There will be fluctuations on social media and that's ok.

Social media is a moving beast but if you can take on the mindset and approach I've outlined briefly above, it's going to be so much more effective for you. Does this help? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Need help? Contact me.

Emily Osmond2 Comments