My favourite marketing resources

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by people joining my Facebook group is where they can go to find out more about marketing.

I love this question as it's great to be hungry for knowledge and continuous development - I know I am! So I have put together a list of the resources that are currently my go-to when it comes to expanding my mind in the marketing world.


1. The Gary Vee Audio Experience 

I've had a thing for American business/marketing renegade Gary Vaynerchuk for the past little while - he is very frank about working hard and being in it for a marathon and not a sprint.

A few of my favourite messages from Gary are (which I have hyperlinked to the relevant resources):

Document don't create

Every business is effectively a media company

TIP: Listen to a couple of Gary's keynote podcasts to get a flavour for his key messages, then narrow in on topics that meet your current needs.

2. Foundr Magazine 

Nathan Chan is a Melbournite and interviews some of the biggest names in business from across the world.

A couple of MUST listens:

Episode 158: I LOVED this interview with UGG founder Brian Smith - great messages and stories about all things brand from back in the 80s when UGG was founded, which are still so relevant today.

Episode 149: This is a really insightful interview about Instagram and e-commerce businesses with Gretta Rose van Riel - founder of SkinnyMe TeaDROP Bottle and co founder of The 5th watches.

3. And a few marketing specific podcasts

Small Business, Big Marketing - I used to listen to this one allll the time! 

Online Marketing Made Easy - great for digital marketing basics and a lot are geared towards people running online courses.

Blogs / Newsletters

For a philosophical and psychological approach to marketing, I love the regular newsletters from The Story of Telling. They help me refocus.

Subscribing to emails from different tech companies and publishers helps me keep on top of updates, for example the newsletters by:

Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Planoly, Later, Hubspot, Entrepreneur and Marketing Mag.

I scan these and just click on the articles that pique my interest.

I would love to know what you are listening to / reading / watching so I can check them out too!?