Q&A: What is something you put into practice on a regular basis to keep work interesting?

As the newer members in my Facebook Group know, I have made the most of the new 'Questionnaire' feature in Facebook Groups to pick their brains before they join.

I'm going to start rolling out answers to the questions I'm being asked. I am SURE there is loads of gold to be shared from YOU in response to this question, so please do add in the comments. And of course, please add any other questions below in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them in a timely manner and/or suggest someone else who I think may be able to help!

First question:

"What is something you put into practice on a regular basis to keep work interesting?"

For myself, I've found that diversity in projects I work on/services I offer is key.

I studied a 12 month business course just after starting my business. There was a big focus on getting very specific and niche on what you offer. I totally agree with that concept.

HOWEVER, I was getting stressed for far too long about not being 'just' a web designer, or 'just' an Instagram strategist, or 'just' a copywriter... you get the picture.

I felt like I needed to only offer one thing to stand out and be able to market Good Media well. I tried a few different times to niche and only offer one service.

However, my personality means I get bored with doing only one thing AND I just love approaching projects holistically and going big picture, rather than only working on certain areas.

So, taking a broader project approach means I get loads of variety in my work. One day I will be working with designers, the next I'll be writing briefs for photographers, and the next I'll be meeting clients for strategy sessions. This keeps me super happy and engaged with my work.

Location is also big for me. I REALLY struggle to sit straight at a desk all day.

Right now I'm writing this sitting outside on a gorgeous deck at my co working space. Earlier today I was working from home. And later I'll probably head back to the desks inside.

Shifting where I work and being comfortable (legs tucked up or whatever it may be!) has a huge impact mentally on me and runs through to keeping my work day feeling more inspiring and interesting.

I remember back in my 'office job' I tried a couple of times to take my colleagues to the next door cafe to sit in the sunshine, order a coffee and have our meetings or brainstorming sessions there. I wasn't too successful but I knew, for me at least, that change in location, fresh air, the buzz of the cafe (and the coffee!) and getting out of the stale office environment would have made a world of difference to my headspace.

That's it from me - please do add your answers to this question below or pose any questions you might have!

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