The case for 'I' over 'we'

I've been speaking to several friends here in England (where my partner and I are for the week - it's where I grew up!) about marketing. They run their own businesses and feel very reluctant to self promote.

They know it's something that could help their businesses grow, but they feel very uncomfortable about putting themselves out there. And rightly so. It's not something that comes naturally to most people!

BUT it's so powerful.

The more you put yourself out there, the more you give your community the chance to understand you, to connect with you, and know, like and trust you.

A QUICK AND EASY way to do this - and your challenge this week - is to stop saying "we" in your marketing, when really you mean "I".

As soon as we start writing copy from the perspective of a group, it can feel less personal. Take ownership of what you are sharing. If you're a sole operator, how about signing off on social media posts or blog posts with your name, and of course, writing in first person?

If you're a multi-person organisation, how about attributing certain posts or content to different people from the business and letting them share something a little more specific to them?

Just because many other businesses automatically speak as "we" doesn't mean that you have to! Dare to be more personal - your audience will only feel more connected to you from it - promise!


Emily Osmond2 Comments