Three reasons to use an Instagram scheduling app

I don't know what I used to do before I planned out my posts for Instagram. Now, I can see what material I actually have to post; when I am getting low on content; what type of content I have loads of; and what I need to create or find more of, and so much more.

Here's my three biggest reasons why you might find an Instagram scheduling app useful (could I go as far as 'life changing'..?!) too:

1. No more 'Panic Posts'.

You know when you suddenly realise you haven't posted in ages? So you find an image ("quick - any image will do") and rush to push it out? All you're doing there is ticking the imaginary box that says "post on Instagram", and pleasing that voice in your head that tells you "you must post every day" [or however often it might be telling you]. When you map out your posts in an app, you actually know what you have to post and this helps every post become purposeful (not panicked).

2. No more messy feed.

By using a planning app, you can pre layout all of your images and see what works in the grid. This will completely change the way your feed looks and help you make it look much more slick and consistent.

3. Get your evenings back.

Most of us have audiences who are most active online in the evenings (check your Instagram Insights to find out your audience's habits). Knowing this means we should of course be posting our content in the evenings. I don't know about you, but there are many other things I would prefer to be doing in the evening than trying to write an educational/witty/inspiring Instagram post. When you pre-plan your posts, you can write your captions ahead of time during the day, and simply push the post live at night (making sure you're there to engage with your audience if possible for the best results).

So, whether you have a scheduling app on your phone but don't really use it, or you've never used on before, this week my one action for you is to start using a scheduler.

Here's a little insight: I rarely use the planning app to its full capability. I mainly use it to visually lay out my posts rather than having the next month of captions all written up. By laying out the images, I feel more on top of things, know what's coming up and it's quicker to write the captions as I know which content category each image relates to.

Questions? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Emily OsmondComment