Top 5 takeaways from the social media panel at 9 to Thrive

It was fantastic to hear the opinions and experiences of different women working the media and managing large social media accounts at Business Chicks' 9 to Thrive event in Melbourne earlier this month. Take a read of what I believe were the top 5 takeaway points.

1. You don’t need to schedule your social media posts

None of the three fashion industry experts (Nadia Bartel of The Connection; Margie Woods of Viktoria & Woods and Lizzy Briedis of Spell Designs) are fans of scheduling Instagram posts. They said it makes feeds lose their spontaneity and element of surprise. These ladies also said they don’t like 'overly curated feeds' consisting of only flay lays or highly stylised posts.

My tip: People connect with people. Be real on your social media.

2. Don’t post for the sake of it

Nadia Bartel said she will only post things that she really loves on her personal Instagram feed, while Margie Woods said if her and her team have nothing in particular to say, they’ll hold off and wait until they do before posting.

My tip: Quality over quantity always.

3. Learn to say 'no' to prioritise YOU

Zoe Foster Blake spoke about how she says ‘no’ to many requests because she knows that making time to write her books and simply relax with her family are the most important things for her. While she realises she is fortunate to be invited to so many things, she actually loves nothing more than spending a night in at home so this is her priority.

My tip: Don't feel the pressure to say yes to every invitation that comes your way - instead listen to yourself and make sure you’re doing what YOU really want to do.

4. Don’t beat yourself up for not having a ‘big picture plan’

Zoe Foster Blake doesn’t have a business plan. She likes to go with her gut and make decisions in the moment.

My tip: Make sure you give yourself flexibility to adapt to (and lead) change in your industry so your business is relevant and agile.

5. Your aesthetic is a crucial part of your brand

Lizzy Briedis spoke about how, if she sees a photo she likes on Instagram that has people wearing her designs, rather than reposting it she will contact the person directly to ask for the photo. Why? She doesn’t want a mix of different filters on her feed.

My tip: Be fussy about your images. The higher their quality and better their consistency, the stronger your brand will be.

Social media one-on-one sessions and creating branding are two things I love! Chat to me if I can help you.

Image: Business Chicks.

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