Unlocking the storyteller we all have inside

Here are a couple of things that I believe:

That some people are better at grammar and writing structure than others.

But that more importantly, that everyone has the ability to tell a great story.

I get so proud to see clients really give it a go and use their social media platforms to tell stories; to get started and stop chasing perfection.

Rather than simply posting a photo and saying #happyfriyay or 'Love this pic', they are sharing with passion and purpose. They are also filming videos on their iPhones - no fancy equipment in sight.

They're sharing stories about the people in their business. Sharing their point of views, experiences and expertise. And you should see the connection they are building with their community. 

Something else I believe:

Everyone has their unique tone and voice. 

I also love seeing my clients (and others for that matter!) become more confident in the way they communicate with their audience. Saying things in the way they want to say it with their unique personality. It's so much more powerful than trying to sound 'professional' or like someone else. 

We as humans love to see behind the 'perfection', behind the glossy photos - the real stuff.

It's a massive challenge - I don't deny that. Being ok with things not looking exactly how we want. But it's also so much more appealing to our audience, and so much more real.

Don't wait until things are 'perfect' or until you've 'made it' to start - because that time will never come. Document the process. Document the journey. Be authentic to what you believe in. Just start.

Emily OsmondComment