The experience your customers and clients have when they walk in your door is a central part of how they feel about your business.

Do they feel inspired, happy and comfortable in your shop? Do they wish they could stay all day in your cafe and do they rave about it to their friends and take photos to share on social media? Is your accommodation able to charge above industry rates and is it making your guests go 'wow'? Is your website and social media in line with the in-person experience you're creating?

Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level, simply want some tweaks and updates, or have a special project you'd like handled by professionals, I collaborate with interior designer Rebekah Curtis Lester to help wellness centres, cafes, boutiques, retreats and more create consistent, remarkable and beautiful spaces. And being an award winning interior design blogger, I understand the importance of a well designed physical space and how to achieve this. Holistic branding, done well.

In need of interior help? Let's talk.

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