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Emily Osmond. Founder of Good Media.

A friend once told me that she choses to work with people who will think about her in the shower.

While that might sound a little suspect, she simply meant that she wanted whoever she engages on her projects to be as obsessed with her problem as she is; to consider it, give it the time needed to explore, toy with ideas and - piece by piece - craft a solution. 

This is the philosophy I take with our clients. We only take on a handful at any given time. There's no churn and burn here. Simply consideration, the luxury of time to breathe and let that unique solution to our clients' problem come together... with a little (or a lot of) thinking about it while in the shower along the way.

My journey so far.

2011 - Having finished my Master of Communication (Distinction) at RMIT, I work across positions producing at the ABC, writing a fashion column, TV and radio presenting and PR consulting.

2012 - I channel my long term love for design and new found 'tech' skills into starting an interiors blog, getinmyhome, which I still run today, with the help of a small team.

2013 - Land my (at the time) 'dream job' managing the social media and digital marketing for a tourism body. Launch the brand on Instagram, grow their Facebook audience by 600% to become one of the highest authority pages in the region, and work across the company rebrand.

2015 - Resign and launch Good Media with a handful of clients who, having seen my work on my blog and/or through my job, engage me to market their businesses. 

2016 - Finish a 12 month business course, which involved frequent trips to Sydney for intensive three-day workshops around topics like sales, marketing and lead generation and achieving product-market fit.

Now - Continue to be driven by the belief that all business owners deserve to have a brand - in all aspects of the word - that allows them to create powerful connections. Keep investing in professional development, studying courses and workshops to stay at the top of my game.


I'd love to hear your story. Get in touch with me at emily@goodmediaco.com.au or via this form.