Our website design process

Step 1. Getting to know each other

Book in a chat with us to check if we can help you! If we think we can, and if you'd like to move forward to the next stage, we'll ask you to fill in our website design questionnaire, so we can understand your needs more thoroughly.

Step 2. Booking in the project

We'll then send you a quote for the project, which details or recommendations and optional add ons (if applicable). If and when you accept this, you'll receive an invoice for 50% deposit and our contract. Once the contract is signed and we're received the deposit, it's time to get started!

Step 3. The strategy

With your questionnaire completed, we have an idea about the type of website you'd like. We take this information and our discussions with you to create a strategy for your new website. The extent of this plan depends on the size and complexity of your new website.

Step 4. The design

This is the 'fun' part. We turn the website strategy and your needs and desires into your new website! There will be various iterations as we show you the website at different stages and get your feedback and input. At this stage, we also add your content and photography to the site.

Step 5. The website goes live!

With the website ready to be shown to the world, we push it live. We're here to make edits to ensure your new website it just how you hoped. 

Step 6. Maintaining your website

Wordpress websites require maintenance - such as Plugin and version updates (unlike Squarespace websites). You can choose if you'd like to maintain the website yourself, or have us do that for you. Either way, we're just an email or phone call away. 

If your website is built on Squarespace, they only updates needed are those you choose yourself, like updating images and wording. We're here if you need help, or you can do it yourself.