Product - Meaning = Commodity
Product + Meaning = Brand


You want to do things differently.

You're a leader in your field, but your branding isn't currently communicating this. You don't feel proud of it and it doesn't fit you anymore - both of which are important to you.

You appreciate the power of design and are ready to dig into what makes your brand unique so you can craft your story and excite and connect with your clients, customers or patients.

You don't need a logo tomorrow or a website next week. You want to start with the 'why' and have the guidance and support from those who are going to work alongside you, invest in you and challenge you to get you to where you need to be.

Good Media are professionals who care about what they do. One of the things I value most is working with people who communicate well, and Emily certainly did this. Not only did they deliver great work, they also made sure I was up to date with what was going on, rather than leaving me in the dark. I will definitely work with Emily again.
Emily is a fantastic listener and was able to create a beautiful, clean and fresh website that exceeded our envisions and expectations. Her style, work ethic and professionalism are first class and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
We are so so happy with the work and service we have received from Good Media, we have been recommending you guys to everyone. I have never worked with a company so thorough! We can’t get over it! You’ve made the process so easy for us so for that we thank you!
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Let's dig a bit deeper


Brand Strategy

If you want a logo that's pink and gold and like 'this one' that you found on Pinterest, we're probably not right for you. This isn't about creating something based on what you like. It's about digging into the opportunities in the market, the values and desires of your target audience groups and exploring how we can evoke the emotions that we want these people to feel when they interact with your brand. 

Design & Digital

This is where we take all of the work we did piecing your brand essence together and turn it into its visual 'look'. We'll then apply it to all the 'touch points' where your audience will find you - like business cards, your website, signage and even interiors. 

Content & Copy

You have your new brand, now let's get it out there, using clever content. We can help you work out what to post where, plus help you create on-brand photography and copy. The regular creation and sharing of strategic content is the key to making the hard work done so far, continue to pay off.