Here's what we specialise in


if You want your brand to be a leader in your field and you're looking for experts to guide you and challenge you, You sound like our type of person!


Brand Strategy & Design

From AUD $5,000

With Emily's background in marketing and her Master of Communication, strategy is the starting point for our branding work.

We dig into industry insights to understand the opportunities for your brand and start piecing together how your brand needs to look, sound and feel. Then, with a strategic direction in place, it's time to start the design!

We're all about designs that have meaning being them - not just something that looks good. Our designs are grounded in purpose - with every element there for a reason.

We also don't offer 'just a logo'. Colours, fonts, illustrations, hierarchy... these are all parts of your brand that we'll pull together so you end up with something that is powerful, expansive and wholly 'you'.

Explore our work and say hello to discuss your own project.


Website Design & Copy

FROM AUD $5,000

We approach website design much like our branding work: with strategy and story-telling in mind. We love to look at the best in the industry, and put our own spin on things.

We know that there are generally two things that can make website projects stressful: supplying content and being able to update your site after it goes live.

Seeing so much angst around websites before starting Good Media, we've designed our website services to be as stress-free as possible.

That's why we're here to craft your website copy for you, organise a photo shoot for your site and source stunning imagery. And, we choose to use a website platform that's easy for even 'non-techy' clients to be able manage themselves.

Take a look at our projects to explore our website designs and get in touch to discuss your own.